Christopher Vasey; Discovering ourselves


Christopher Vasey;  Discovering ourselves – from the brain to the spirit.

According to the Grail Message

In the Nordic House, Wednesday 27th April, 8 pm. Entrance 500 ISK. The event is in English
Man has always tried to understand who he was by asking himself the questions: who am I? Who is this being I feel I am? Why am I different from everybody else? …

This lecture will show that in spite of the appearances the numerous scientific discoveries on the brain do not contradict the several thousand years old conception that the true ego of man is an immaterial spirit. The brain is therefore only a tool at the disposal of the spirit.

What is the spirit? Where does it come from? How do its intuitive faculties distinguish themselves from the intellectual faculties of the brain?

The spiritual work In the Light of Truth, the Grail Message offers a knowledge, based on the laws of nature, which gives convincing answers to all these questions as well as all the important questions of life.

Organizer: GRAL-NORDEN

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