Navigating Nordic Futures: Strengthening Cooperation for Peace and Security

On the occasion of Nordic Day, which marks the signing of the Helsinki Treaty in 1962, we hosted a conversation about the future of Nordic cooperation in an evolving geopolitical landscape.

This event was held on 21. March in Elissa (auditorium) at the Nordic House, Reykjavík. The event was held in English.


Veslemøy Hedvig Østrem, Editor-in-chief, Altinget Norway

Hanna Katrín Friðriksson, Member of the Nordic Council and the Icelandic parliament


Baldur Þórhallsson, Professor of Political Science

Veslemøy Hedvig Østrem, Editor-in-chief, Altinget Norway

Orri Páll Jóhansson, Member of the Nordic Council and the Icelandic parliament

Pär Ahlberger, Sweden‘s ambassador to Iceland

Hrannar Björn Arnarsson, President of the Nordic Association in Iceland


Pia Hansson, Director of the Institute of International Affairs at the University of Iceland

„In a world marked by crises, conflicts, increasing polarization, and stigmatization of minorities, the Nordic countries are at a pivotal juncture. As both new challenges and opportunities arise, the Nordic Council has instigated a revision of the Helsinki Treaty, often referred to as the Nordic constitution. Among the aspects that are being assessed is whether Nordic cooperation should also encompass security and preparedness.

Join us in examining the implications of a broader reassessment of Nordic cooperation. As we navigate the future of the Nordic Region, the seminar will address pressing questions: How can the Nordic countries collectively safeguard peace, human rights, and security? What role does enhanced cooperation play in ensuring stability during turbulent times?“

Organized by: Nordic Cooperation and The Nordic Association in Iceland