Til min søster

Novel (Danish)

Dy Plambeck: Til min søster, 2019

A novel about being a woman and being seen and understood – or not. Historian Aya is abandoned by her boyfriend and gives birth to her daughter as she researches a well-known late author’s childhood sweetheart and tries to see and understand her role for his authorship and the love affair that was or was not. Aya also tries to see and understand her infertile sister, the hairdresser Andrea, who after a long time of abuse finally leaves her abusive boyfriend. Aya tries to see and understand her sister again on a work trip to Sweden with a hunting rifle in the trunk. The sisters were very close in their teenage years exploring sexuality and the right to be a woman in the province, and now they are again trying to approach each other in the face of Aya´s bloodthirsty revenge against the violent ex-boyfriend and understanding of themselves and the right to find their place in the world.