Helene Uri: Sort is

Sort is

Crime novel (Norwegian, translated into Danish)
Helene Uri: Sort is, 2019

Read a captivating story of a home confined elderly couple – locked in because the winter cold has made it dangerous to go out on the slippery black iced sidewalks, but also locked inside a marriage where an intense drama lurks just below the surface. The married couple Ebba and Karl do not exactly have the same need to go out to buy food and get fresh air, but it also turns out that they do not agree on each other’s ambitions and need for development throughout life. Love and marriage may be a matter of compromise, but at what price do they send each other eternal smiles and loving remarks when it might be pretending? Who has the right to define a good marriage, and when is it domestic violence? What does revenge actually feels like when an accident takes place and you need to let the other feel your pain? A smoldering dialogue creates a quiet but violent drama that is rolled up over a few days confined…

Picture from goodreads and pinterest