STOCKFISH: Film Festival


Stockfish Film Festival in Reykjavík is the film industry’s festival in Iceland. It was founded in 2015, as a reincarnation of the Reykjavík Film Festival (Kvikmyndahátíð í Reykjavík), which was established in 1978.

The festival aims to create a platform in Reykjavík to encourage collaboration between domestic and international film communities and gives the general audience an opportunity to see some of the most up-and-coming art-house films in the world.

The 10th edition of the festival takes place from the 4th – 14th of April 2024 and is held in Bíó Paradís in collaboration with the Icelandic Film Centre and all of the professional film associations in Iceland: The Icelandic Filmmakers Association, The Film Director’s Guild of Iceland, Association of Icelandic Film Producers, Icelandic Actors Guild, The Icelandic Cinematographers Society, and The Icelandic Dramatist’s Union.

The Nordic House will be hosting some of the events. We will be hosting screenings, the writers lab and events on the film industry.

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Friday 5. April:

16:30: Writer`s lab

Saturday 6. April:

10:00: Writer`s lab

13:30: Writer`s lab

Sunday 7. April: 

10:00: Writer`s lab

13:30: Writer`s lab

Tuesday 9. April: 

16:30: The Road to Sustainable Film Production

Wednesday 10. April: 

16:30: Nordfilm Network

Thursday 11. April: 

16:30: Work in Progress

Friday 12. April: 

16:30 – 20:00: Screenings: Shortfish


Accessibility to Elissa (auditorium) is good. Accessible and gender neutral restrooms are on the same floor.