Riff- Film in Iceland Panel


Live-streamed and a small in-person event under registration.

Iceland as a post-COVID production service role model.

While people have been quarantined around the world during the COVID-pandemic, VOD and on-demand services have had enormous growth and popularity.

Most worldwide productions have suffered a huge cycle contraction and some have even stopped entirely.

By contrast, Icelandic film productions never ceased, and what is more, the industry experienced a flourishing of film & TV productions.

Has Iceland become an international role model for Film & TV production services during and post-COVID age?

What were the challenges and the efforts made to set the country in such a position?

In this event, the Icelandic film commission along with the IFC and key Icelandic production companies will explore the current status of Icelandic productions and provide the audience with detailed information as to why Iceland is the place to film!

-Einar Hansen Tomasson. CEO Film in Iceland
-Leifur Dagfinnsson. CEOTrue North
– Baltasar Kórmakur. Rvk Studios
-Laufey Gudjónsdóttir, the Director of the Icelandic Film Centre