Reykjavík Fringe festival at The Nordic House

Reykjavík Fringe is a festival for fringe arts that will take place for the second time the first week of July. 100+ performances will take place around the city and guests can find theatre, dance, children’s shows, circus, cabaret, poetry readings, installations, art exhibitions, stand up comedy and more to enjoy in a 6-day artistic feast. The festival is collaborating with a variety of venues in the city, including the Nordic House where a varied Nordic program takes over the whole week.

7 productions will take place in the Nordic House hailing from Iceland, Norway, Finland and Estonia. Additionally works from the festival’s youth program, Youth Fringe, will take place here.

All the performances will take place between 1st and 6th of July 2019.

The productions presented are:

Hotel Hapenis (Iceland)
Leikhópurinn X
A comedy dramedy set at a hotel in Iceland. The show makes fun of soap operas, where everyone in the hotel, both employees and guests, have something to hide, and their struggles to live together in peace and harmony.
Age: 18+

Tickets costs 1.000 ISK


Issun Boshi – A Japanese Folktale About A Very Little Samurai (Noregur)
Kaja Productions
Norwegian theatre group performs a Japanese folktale with live piano music and puppetry for the youngest audience members. Magical and visual show opening up to fantasy, language and music. Norwegian is spoken in the performance.
Age: 3-9 year old.

Tickets cost ISK


Romeo and Juliet (Norway)
Romeo and Juliet is the strongest love story we know. Can it still tell us something? Yes! About human nature, responsibility towards each other, how choices can be life-changing. How stupid and unnecessary war is, when love is an opportunity. This interactive theatre piece is performed in the small and intimate Nordic House’s Greenhouse.
Age: 13+

Tickets costs 1.200 ISK


Throwaway! (Norway)
Det Andre Teatret
That old vase you got from your aunt years ago, the worn out t-shirt your ex forgot or last week’s newspaper – they’re all going to be thrown away sooner or later. Why not do it at our show – and we’ll tell a story about it before we say goodbye and leave it behind.
Improvised stories based on stuff the audience brings that they’d rather just throw away. In a world where we get more and more things, Det Andre Teatret offers a show to reimagine the stuff we throw away – what they are, what they could have been and what we wish they were.
Age: 13+

Tickets costs 2.000 ISK and can be found here.


Viggo The Viking (Norway & Estonia)
Viggo Venn
A wordless story of a goofy Viking who doesn’t meet the harsh expectations of being a tough Viking. With beautiful music on authentic analogue Viking instruments, the audience is taken on a wordless journey with both laughs and silence exploring the expectations to what is expected from the role of the man – in the Viking age and in the present. All done by a clown. “Think if Charlie Chaplin appeared on Game of Thrones and tried to say something about masculinity in 2019.”
Age: 13+

Tickets costs 2.000 ISK and can be found here.


With A Strong Voice (Finland)
Shine Act
With A Strong Voice raises female voices of the Y-generation. This new vocal theater performance is created especially for the Reykjavik Fringe Festival by the Sing & Shine Ensemble from Finland. It explores timely issues of being a young woman in the present day and aims to empower young audiences. Through singing, vocal improvisation, spoken word and movement, the ensemble tells their story of the good girl who never says or shows what she really feels, almost dies from all the pressures and expectations to be perfect and nice, and how she finally breaks free and finds her own voice. The ensemble has written the texts and most of the music for the performance themselves.
Age: 13+

Tickets costs 1.000 ISK and can be found here.


Youth Fringe

Original songs by Icelandic singer/songwriter Ingveldur Samúelsdóttir. Ingveldur sings and plays the guitar.

The name of the show comes from the realisation Ingveldur had that almost every single song she had written mentions weather or nature in some way.

This performance is a part of the Youth Fringe program at RVK Fringe, where young people aged 13-18 year old get a chance to perform on stage.

Free Entry.


Visit the RVK Fringe website and the RVK Fringe app for further information about the festival and its program.
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