Passepartout Duo – Dark Music Days


Passepartout Duo

The Nordic House
14:00 / 2 pm
2000 kr.

“Skammdegi / Náttleysi” is taken from the old Icelandic calendar referring to the shortest darkest days, and the longest night less days experienced in the North. Exploring this concept, Passepartout Duo links dynamic lighting, electronic sounds, and poetic quotations as a unique source of dramaturgy through our newly commissioned piano and percussion works.


Kaj Duncan David – 4c0st1ctr1g3r (2015) 7 ’

Bryan Jacobs – Piano+electronics (2011) 6’

Lansing McLoskey – This will not be loud and relentless (2017) 15’

Filip de Melo – Integer valor (2017) 10’
Frumflutningur / Premiere

Eirik Moland – Creation sighs (2017) 15’
Frumflutningur / premiere


Ever since they began collaborating in 2015, the musicians of Passepartout Duo have been known for their tireless advocacy of new music, ideas that cross aesthetic boundaries, and the compelling films they create. Driven by their shared values of music, people, and travel, Nicoletta Favari & Christopher Salvito’s simple and elegant approach has already earned them a reputation as a thoughtful and promising emerging group within the contemporary music field.

This concert is supported by the Nordisk kulturkontakt and Nordisk Kulturfond.