12:00 - 18:00

Welcome to Kynjaþing, a feminist assembly, which is held November 2nd in the Nordic House

Kynjaþing is a democratic and feminist forum for the public. The agenda for the day is organized by NGOs and grassroots organizations, where the idea is to enhance dialogue between us who are concerned about equality in the world. This gives the public the opportunity to become acquainted with the main things that are happening in feminist discourse.

Non-governmental organizations working on gender equality, human rights and politics are encouraged to apply to hold events and/or present their work at the Session. Participation is free!

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Admission is free and everyone is welcome!
Let’s talk! Let’s go!

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The seminar of the Refuge is the opening event of the Assembly and will be held in the large hall at. 13:00. The aim of the seminar is to raise awareness and understanding of the extent and nature of violence in close relationships in Iceland.

13:00 Kynjuð heilsa
What surprises will we find if the sexes are compared? What are our key challenges to the health and well-being of the sexes in the 21st century?

13:00 Kjaftað með kennurum
The demand for gender mainstreaming, gender equality and / or queer education to become more prominent in the school system has become increasingly intense in recent years.

14:00 Kona er nefnd LIVE
The women’s television program started in the summer of 2019 with the goal of talking about women and pretty people who have often been written out of our history or not given the recognition they deserve.

14:00 Konur í upplýsingatækni við Háskóla Íslands
Gender ratios within the IT departments at the University of Iceland and the University of Reykjavik will be discussed and the main challenges women face when they begin their studies and how Ada works to help women cope with them.

15:00 Samtvinnuð fjöldasamstaða
Mass solidarity has been the basis of the progress we have achieved through equality in Iceland. But have everyone always found themselves part of the crowd? Cohabitation or intersectionality are increasingly important concepts in feminism, the idea that in the struggle for equality, it is fundamental to look at the different factors that lead to injustice. In order to achieve gender equality, it is necessary to consider the integration of gender equality with inequality based on e.g. disability, sexual awareness, class status, race, etc.

15:00 Hvað meinarðu þegar þú segir kyn?
At the event, we will rethink, rearrange, Marie Kondo and tear down the Icelandic term „kyn“. The word kyn does not have an unambiguous English translation.

15:00 Eru jafnréttisáhrif af álaveiðum?
Feminine Finance is a company that was founded in the aftermath of Kynjaþing 2018. The company’s goal is to strengthen knowledge of gender finance and to restrain the government.

16:00 Hvað er hannyrðapönk og hvað gera hannyrðapönkarar eiginlega?
Male punk, e. craftivism, is nothing new from the needle. Throughout the ages, people have used crafts and crafts to tell stories, make their views known, and make room.

16:00 Reykfylltu bakherbergin
Women in Iceland have broken the glass roof in politics. Today, women represent 38% of parliamentarians, who are certainly returning from the past, and 47.1% mayor in local councils.

16:45  Femínískt hænustél!
At the end of The Feminist Forum, we will get together for good food, wine, and soda. A feminist party where we can plan the next step of the revolution.

More information can be found by clicking each event or through dagskrá Kynjaþings HERE