Jamm, jamm, jamm – List Events


Jamm, Namm, Sko, Oh the event series is an extension of the art show Go! which takes place in The Nordic House from the 1st December to the 12th of January.

In the series of events, well-selected artists will dig deeply into contemporary consumer culture and/or its impact on our environment and way of life through their work in the Nordic House.

Every Sunday in Advent focuses on a particular subject and starts with consuming or yeah, yeah, yeah.

“Now it’s just about enjoying the day.
Meal after meal served on a silver platter through a hat on the hottest day of summer.
With overcrowding but so much to see.
May I taste it? ”


Video art:
K.óla – Plastprinsessan
Leena Maria Saarinen – Tourist video
Bára Bjarnadóttir – The hottest day of the year
Kristín Helga Ríkarðsdóttir – In it to Win it

Rebecca Scott Lord og Viddi Blöndal – Cooking Show
Birkir Mar Hjaltested – brenndur
Sólbjört Vera – Bragð