iucollect al fresco

During DesignMarch 2021 iucollect will create four scenarios around the city of Reykjavík. Each of the scenarios celebrates the long-awaited interaction with the audience, the wonders of the different sites in an urban setting with a landscape backdrop.

The concept of iucollect al fresco seeks to engage the audience and each object with nature by creating a series of sanctuaries where the connection between place and object creates a setting for relaxation, awareness and connectedness. Adding architectural objects to our daily life scenarios gives the space a serene beauty and a material richness that transform these sites into quieter, more contemplative spaces.

The iucollect al fresco installation investigates the ways in which the connection between landscape, site and setting constructs the physical and emotional environment of an event, and ultimately alters the perception of the space and enables a new experience.
The body of work is launched during the design days from 21-24 May 2021. It revolves around a series of virtual scenarios on www.iucollect.is and physical scenarios set in different locations in Reykjavík.

Iucollect works across diverse media with an overall attraction towards a formal purity in natural materials, architectural objects, textiles, video and photography. Our work evolves around displaying a collection of items in different settings, varying the characteristics of each item without altering its fundamental concept. Each collection we create has a coherent style in a new setting, demonstrating the creative possibilities of revisiting the same idea infinite times.