Fringe festival – Romeo & Juliet


Romeo and Juliet (Norway)
Romeo and Juliet is the strongest love story we know. Can it still tell us something? Yes! About human nature, responsibility towards each other, how choices can be life-changing. How stupid and unnecessary war is, when love is an opportunity. This interactive theatre piece is performed in the small and intimate Nordic House’s Greenhouse.
Age: 13+

Tickets costs 1.200 ISK

Developed by Steinar ThorsenJorunn Lullau and Lars Åkerlund
Directing: Lars Åkerlund
On stage: Jorunn Lullau and Steinar Thorsen
Based on Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”

You can find the event on Facebook here

Played during Reykjavik Fringe Festival at Nordic House Iceland 1st – 4th of July 2019.