Parents (DK)


Parents (DK)

Scheduled: Sunday, March 12th, 20:00 and wednesday, March 15th, 20:00

Kjeld and Vibeke, a middle-aged Danish couple, aren’t entirely certain who they are without their son. Esben has recently moved away from home; their identities unmoored in his absence. Attempting to recapture the vigor and magic of their younger days, they move out of their house and into the old, pre-parenthood apartment where they first fell in love. Recapturing their youth is changing them in strange and unexpected ways.

Told with deadpan Nordic humor and just a touch of surrealism, Parents is ultimately a droll rumination on family identity and how to grow old gracefully. The film has been rewarded with several awards internationally.

”One of the best films of 2016” –

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PROGRAM  Nordic Film Festival 2017

Premiere: 2016

Director: Christian Tafdrup

Genre: Drama

Playtime: 1h 26 min.