Fínt Land – exhibition

Fínt Land – exhibition presents Finnish art and design in Reykjavik

Opening March 1st at 17:00 with refreshments. Open for all. 

Fínt land brings new Finnish art and design talent to the Nordic House in Reykjavik. The fresh and current exhibition presents Finland and finnishness in the year 2017. The exhibition includes ceramics by Nikolo Kerimov, photographs by Antti Sepponen and a ryijy rug made in collaboration between the artist Jaakko Leeve and the Kisälli workshop.

The Kisälli workshop employs artisans with disabilities. The project interprets old traditional Finnish textile art, and the purpose is to create impactful pieces of art along with attracting attention to the possibility of collaboration between artists and people with disabilities.

”It’s great to be able to exhibit the rug in Iceland, because the roots of the ryijy rug lie in blankets used in boats by the Vikings”, Leeve says. The colours of the rug are familiar from 1980’s videogames and toys. The colours represent a reflection on a chromium surface where the blue tones represent the sky and brown tones the earth with a horizon in between.

The ceramics of Nikolo Kerimov are a play of colours and shapes. The imaginative objects are a representation of new Scandinavian design talent. Kerimov brings to the exhibition fresh interpretations of traditional everyday objects as well as an abstract ceramic sculpture.

Antti Sepponen explores Finland and Finnishness with his photographs. What does Finland really look like in the 2010’s? Sepponen has gone where it can be found and gotten close to it. Can you get any closer to true Finnishness? “Finland is all you need”, Sepponen says.