Family workshop – Whales of the Arctic Ocean

13:00 - 15:00
Children's Library

Bowhead whale, beluga whale and narwhale are among the species that survive in the Arctic Ocean. These whales and their environment will be examined in a creative and educational workshop for the whole family.

Whales uproot the ocean floor that provides food for other fish – they help to produce oxygen and are key animals in maintaining the balance of fragile ecosystems in the sea. But what do whales eat? How do they talk to each other and what are they actually saying?

Which whales are called unicorns of the sea and which canaries of the sea?

The workshop is held in English and Icelandic, it is free and everyone is welcome!

Accessibility: All restrooms are gender neutral. The children’s library is accessible for wheelchairs via the Hvelfing exhibition hall and the library personel can be of asstance if needed.