The Egg – an interactive children exhibition

10-17 / Mondays closed

Welcome to The Egg!  

The Egg (Ägget) is an interactive children´s exhibition based on the picture book by the same name – written by Sanna Sofia Vuori and illustrated by Linda Bondestam.  

Delve into Sanna’s and Linda’s universe and follow the mouse Brie and his friends (on a unique adventure!) Join them as they look for the family of a mysterious egg that has suddenly appeared outside of their apartment building.  

The exhibition tells the story of the egg (Ägget) and allows the children to play along. Questions about what a family can look like are examined in this playful exhibition for children and their parents.  

The exhibition is in Icelandic, Swedish, and English and is intended for children between 3-9 years old.  Welcome to the Nordic House children’s library where the exhibition will be open from January 16h 2021.