DESIGN MARCH: Preservation

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The concept of Preservation is based on old cooking traditions that preserve the good effects that food can have on the body. This promotes a better relationship between the food and the body. Varðveisla is a product line that consists of stoneware vessels. The vessels facilitate food preparation through natural processes controlled by microbes.

Preservation will be at Sónó restaurant in the Nordic House during DesignMarch.

The project examines the relationship between health, food and the body’s intestinal flora. The subject is the design of special clay vessels that facilitate the preparation of food through natural processes where microbes are in control. The vessels are made of clay and designed with two types of fermentation processes in mind. On the one hand there is a vessel for fermenting vegetables and on the other a vessel for preserving sourdough. The processes are anaerobic. A water lock is built into the vessels, it lets air out of them but not into them. The design refers to traditions that emphasize the control of natural processes, including beneficial bacteria that are essential for our digestion. Sónó restaurant in the Nordic House are offering homemade vegetarian food which fits perfectly with the ideology of Preservation. The project will be presented in the restaurant with an exiting twist during DesignMarch.

Varðveisla is based on the graduation project of Inga Kristín Guðlaugsdóttir. She graduated as a product designer from the Iceland University of the Arts in the spring of 2019. In modern society, speed and efficiency are highly emphasized. People work long hours and have little time to attend to their basic needs. People’s health is a popular subject in Iceland and there is a regular debate about the decisive influence of the intestinal flora. A diet that promotes better health and absorption of nutrients we get from food is gaining popularity. Today’s food design is largely based on using local ingredients, preparing the food from scratch and using natural processes such as food fermentation. The ingredients used in this type of cuisine are simple, accessible and most of them are easily grown in Iceland. Therefore, it promotes the choice of local ingredients and aims for sustainability. The uniqueness of the project lies in the fact that the vessels are designed with special functions that are useful in natural processes which are built on old cooking traditions. The form and texture of the vessels refer to their content. The vessels should encourage interest in getting to know these old traditions. An interesting design that is desirable to have standing in the beautiful surroundings of a modern home. The vessels create room for discussion that can encourage cooking at home. It can also help us to slow down and get a break from the fast pace and stress of our modern environment.