Childhood – Nordic Film Festival


Childhood /Barndom 

Free Tickets

(NO – 2017)
Director: Margreth Olin
1h 30 min – Documentary

Childhood is a documentary about children, and how they play on their own terms. It follows children from Aurora Kindergarten, from age 1 to 7, throughout a year. We are allowed to observe the secret play among them, the play which adults don’t always understand.

The film draws up a different perspective on what children truly need in contrast to the current norm. It is also a good conversation starter to explore the function of play in the child’s life, and the importance of friendship between children. How do we create safe connections and trust in relationships between adults and children?

“I am afraid that we, as parents, as a society, the children themselves – are in danger of missing out on their own and other’s different personalities because we do not acknowledge that each and every child has different potentials.” Director Margreth Olin

English subtitles and free entrance