Art in foyer – Trekk pusten opp i det blå

Welcome to the opening of Hanne Grete Einarsen’s (NO) exhibition Trekk pusten opp i det blå (Breath Up Into The Blue) on the 16th of May at 17.00 in the Nordic House’s foyer.  

The exhibition Trekk pusten opp i det blå concludes the artist’s long-term project of the same name, during which Hanne Grete Einarsen has encountered life and death through her art.

This is an exhibition of works of one medium, acrylic paintings, but with different expressions put together to allow the experience of a larger aesthetic universe. The starting point for the paintings is that they all speak about human presence in a body, linked with stories of Sami identity, family history, relationships with nature, and – finally – the encounter with death. 

Hanne Grete Einarsen is a visual artist with a degree from The Academy of Fine Arts in Bergen, Norway (Vestlandets kunstakademi). Lives in Snefjord, Måsøy municipality in Vest-Finnmark.


The exhibition is sponsored by OCA and Nordic Culture Point. 

Paintings: Hopper mot livet/Njuiken Eallimii and Gone by Death