In the Nordic House, we will from now on have the catering company Nomy to provide food and drinks for the various events in the house. The food can be ordered from their homepage or through the button below.

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Our expert knowledge comes in handy when creating inventive menus for every occasion where there are never two events alike. We are constantly developing new dishes and ideas that may come to light for the first time at your party.

Our inspiration comes from seasonal ingredients, where we always choose the freshest food available. We spice it up with skills, experience and modern flavor combinations where freshness, healthiness makes your taste buds dance.

We meet the expectations of the food you want to eat.

For more information, check out their homepage

Our Motto

Professional workforce
100% High quality raw ingredients
Icelandic cuisine of the highest quality


Here are two reviews that hopefully say more than our words.

We want to make you aware that the reviews are from Veitingageirinn and are only available in Icelandic

Review 1

Review 2