The Sagas in Comics: Valhalla and Vinland Saga


Valhalla and Vinland Saga: An evening of Nordic medieval literature and recent comics. Special guests Henning Kure from Denmark and Makoto Yukimura from Japan.

The event will be held in English and is open to everyone.

The event is part of the Manga festival in Reykjavik and is produced in cooperation with the City Library, The Nordic House, the University of Iceland and others.

Old Norse literature has been an important source of inspiration for animation movies and series in recent decades. One of them is the cherished Danish animation series Valhalla (1979-2009), a collaboration between cartoonist Peter Madsen and screenwriter Henning Kure, a special guest of the event. The Valhalla animation enjoyed such popularity that it has since been adapted to 15 comic books published by Carlsen Comics.

In 2005, the Japanese cartoonist and screenwriter Makoto Yukimura published the manga Vinland Saga for the first time. The manga series has recently been collected into 20 bound volumes. Anime television show based on the comics by Makoto Yukimura is in production by Wit Studio.

This event is a special opportunity to hear Henning Kure and Makoto Yukimura discuss how Old Norse literature and mythology influence modern animation series.

Valhalla/Peter Madsen 

Excerpts from the Valhalla series