Art in Foyer – Artotek Collection 

Do you think your clean office walls cry out for some exciting art, so you could be inspired by your work? Artotek, or the Art Library at the Nordic House, has what you need: fascinating graphic art to challenge and refresh your close environment. 

Artotek is a graphics collection, fully accessible to all registered users of the Nordic House Library. Here you can get an art takeaway by using your library card. Library users are allowed to borrow up to 3 artworks at once for 3 months each. 

At the moment, the Artotek collection consists of around 600 graphic artworks from Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. Feel free to have a look at the catalogues and choose up to 3 artworks you would like to borrow. The whole collection can also be visited in the Nordic House; it is located in the basement next to the Children’s Library Grotto. 

Artotek was established in 1972 when the Nordic Graphic Association donated 200 graphic artworks to the Nordic House as a foundation for an art library. Borrowing of art then started in 1976.  

Art in the Foyer
In The Nordic House foyer, we exhibit art from Nordic and Baltic artists. To apply, contact