-LINES- Interactive sound art installation


Interactive sound art installation / June 28th – September 3rd / For free and open for all

Put your preconceptions about what music is and how music should sound like aside for a moment and indulge the LINES – Participatory Art with Interactive Music Instruments! Bring your friends and family, explore, play and create music in ways you have never experienced it before.

Swedish composer Anders Lind has created this unique installation exploring one of the most fundamental elements in Western music notation: Lines. Lines attached to the walls, on the floor and hanging from the ceiling in combination with sensors and electronics are forming three novel music instruments allowing you create music with your hands. Follow or cross the lines to make your own music – explore, play, learn and listen in this room full of sound. The installation is both for children and can challenge the experienced composer. It is a piece of participatory art, which is best explored in groups, but you can also experience it on your own.

Welcome to expand your musical mind!

Anders Lind is a composer and situated as senior artistic lecturer in music at the Department of Creative Studies / Umeå University / Sweden. Lind creates interactive pieces and installations and composes music for orchestras, choirs, ensembles and soloists, preferably in combination with the use of electronics. His compositions are permeated by an experimental nature, which invites the listener into a musical journey beyond the expected.

Opening of LINES / June 28 / 4pm-6pm / Black Box and greenhouse.

The Nordic House is proud to present LINES, an Interactive sound installation by the Swedish composer Anders Lind. Wednesday June 28th the installation will be formally opened and you are invited!

The opening starts at 4pm with a demonstration from Anders Lind, and every half an hour we do a demonstration so you are welcome to join in when you have time and its space.
Time slots: 16:00 / 16:30/ 17:00/ 17:30 / 18:00

Summer drinks (non alcoholic) & fruit will be served at the Nordic House greenhouse, please come by before or after and please note it is limited space in the installation room.
Welcome to expand your musical mind!
For the whole family!

Anders Lind & The Nordic House Staff