Even a worm will turn


New art exhibition in Hvelfing. Open Tuesday-Sunday from 10-17.

Exhibition catalogue

In the narrative of man as name giver, living creatures are transmuted into ideas, signs, or symbols. Imbuing animals with ideological, emotional, anthropomorphic identity traits. How does this narrative affect interspecies relations?

Reflecting upon human -animal kinship we are confronted with the limitations of our species in its growing collective disconnection to the natural world. However, society is embedded with co-dependent bonds between human and animals. Bonds that may be driven from a longing to connect and co-exist, but also tainted with the desire to tame that which is wild.

Humans tend to feel as the planetary protagonist, but when shifting the perspective we are able to fathom the powerful reality of animal agency. Every being is the keeper of their own stories and secrets beyond the human gaze. Whether you slither or gallop, there is knowing in which hoof goes first or what soil is crawlable. Toes know how to balance, claws how to claw, and even the smallest worm will turn being trodden on.

Artist exhibiting:
Jaakko Pallasvuo
Viktor Timofeev
Josefin Arnell
Kolbeinn Hugi

Curatorial team:
Veigar Ölnir Gunnarsson, Sandra Pérez Møystad and Arnbjörg María Danielsen.