The Last Tour + Panel


The documentary The Last Tour by Ólafur Sveinsson which is part of RIFF Icelandic Panorama (premiered at Bíó Paradís 28. September) will be screened at the Nordic House 30. september at 17:00. Following that Ólafur and Landvernd will have an open panel discussion on the subject of the film

We follow a group of travelers on a five-day hiking trip in 2006 around landscape soon to be flooded for the power plant Kárahnjúkar. We also follow the construction of the power plant. A unique collection of scenes from landscape that used to be the biggest untouched vastness in Europe with magnificent scenery, fertile vegetation, and diverse animal life. In The Nordic House and at Lækjartorg there will be a photographic exhibition connected to the theme of the film.

The event is free but registration is needed through the link below: