Platform GÁTT Online 


Platform GÁTT í samstarfi við Norræna Húsið sýnir þann 18 júní sérstakan internet viðburð með bæði streymi og innsetningum á veraldarvefnum.
Þeir listamenn sem taka þátt eru; Anna Jarosz, Anthoni Hætta, Lilja María Ásmundsdóttir, Marcela Lucatelli, Tytti Arola og Walter Sallinen.



Anna Jarosz: Relax, my darling (they said) Video performance, 4:00 min
The piece is an intimate performative video. An artist’s confession of vulnerability in isolation. The work combines found footage related to pop culture, excerpts from a private archive and a raw recording of the artist performing. Anna Jarosz explores the notion of profound directness in contrast to metaphors and cultural references that remain hidden between sentences.

Walter Sallinen: In Corallic Crown Shyness Sound: Walter Sallinen & Markus Koistinen. Video: Ville Niemi, Tytti Arola: Anonymous Violinists
Anonymous Violinists is a piece exploring how professions shape people. Sometimes we identify as our occupation or we are seen as our job – we might hide behind our work or the work might hide us. The recent months have changed the way we work and socialize, remote working has opened up intimate homes to others. How does a work community function in this new situation?
The piece invites people to explore the community of Anonymous Violinists through an interactive website where you can give your voice to individuals and make their own mix of homes and people. The artist encourages people also to join the community of Anonymous Violinists by participating in online artwork. Online installation 

Anthoni Hætta: TØNDRA

Lilja María Ásmundsdóttir: Internal Human

Marcela Lucatelli: “A Philosopher Ought to Converse Especially with Men in Power”– online installation “A Philosopher Ought to Converse Especially with Men in Power” is a new interactive work by Marcela Lucatelli, with 3D animations by Nomi and programmed by Gianluca Elia. The composer, performer, and director intakes the digital realms in order to convey the means for a new digital music theater. The title of the work is based on the title for an essay of Plutarch, the Greek philosopher who was actually also a priest at the Temple of Apollo. In this same temple sat Pythia, the high oracular priestess to absolutely be consulted about important decisions. The Temple of Apollo, god of music, harmony, and light, occupied the most fundamental and prominent position in the ancient Delphic Sanctuary. This work is yet an Apollonian conversation with you – since you’re hereby in power. Cause, in the beginning, was the word, but now… what’s next? Use mouse or fingers to influence the scene if you’re so inclined.


„Heimar” á Listahátíð í Reykjavík 2020

Þemað á Listahátíð 2020 er HEIMAR og er nokkurs konar systurþema hátíðarinnar 2018 sem var Heima. Þemað, sem er marglaga í einfaldleika sínum, er opið til túlkunar og kemur til með að eiga sér ótal birtingamyndir í dagskrá hátíðarinnar.