Fokus: Färöarna och Grönland -Riff


Fokus: Färöarna och Grönland

1 October






Sunniva Sundby FRO / 7 min

What does a gang of teenagers do in a cemetery in the middle of summer? Not what you would think. ‘Boys’ gives a glimpse of a youth gang in the Faroe Islands.


A Crack
Andrias Høgenni FRO / 19 min
In a desperate attempt to avoid arrest, burglars Gitte and Frank risk committing an even more horrible crime. Instead of doing a simple breaking-and-entering, they’re facing life and death on a winter night.


The Valley
Heiðrik á Heygum FRO 2015 / 30 min
A guilt-ridden taxi driver takes a desperate passenger to her destination. On the journey their fates collide and they both realize that they have to make a final sacrifice.


Aka Hansen GLR / 22 min

Small Time Giants have long since conquered the beating pop-rock hearts at home in Greenland. Now they aim to break through in Europe. But the road to international success is grueling.


The Barrel
Jónfinn Stenberg and Jóannes Lamhauge FRO 2015 / 28 min

A Faroese man opens a barrel with friends in a basement. Finding out if the content is whiskey or wood spirits is an embarrassing power struggle between the men who have to keep the barrel as a secret.