Finsk folkemusik – Koncert



Vaka Folk Festival i samarbejde med Nordens Hus og den finske ambasade i Reykjavík introducerer Finsk folke musik med Tríó Matti Kallio, sangerinde Anna Fält og kantele spileren Eeva-Kaisa Kohonen.

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Tríó Matti Kallio

Matti Kallio playing the 5-row chromatic button accordion, melodeon, various whistles and also guitar, is one of the most versatile Finnish folk musicians of his generation. For many years he was a member of the Finnish folk band Värttinä. In his trio, he is joined by Petri Hakala on guitar and mandolin and Hannu Rantanen on double bass.

Waltz for Better Times features compositions by Matti played with a lively folk-meets-jazz feel. Vaka Folk Festival is delighted to present this rare opportunity to hear the music on the album played live in Iceland for the first time.

Also appearing at the concert and at Vaka Folk Festival in Akureyri 30th May – 2nd June will be the stunning vocalist Anna Fält, a one-woman band, singing with versatility, passion and power like you have never heard before! Her concerts are a tribute to the human voice. Once heard never forgotten.

Kantele player Eeva-Kaisa Kohonen is a rising star in instrumental Finnish instrumental folk music. The kantele’s plucked strings create haunting and ethereal music that can make audiences feel as if they are between a dream and wakefulness. Eeva-Kaisa plays all sizes of the kantele, ranging from the simple 5-string instrument to the large concert kantele, which can have up to forty strings.



Eeva-Kaisa Kohonen


Anna Fält