Airwaves off-venue: Nordic Piano Waves


Velkommen til off-venue Airwaves i Nordens Hus med islandske og nordiske musikere.

Torsdag spiller en meget talentfuld gruppe af komponister. Vores Steinway flygel vil være i fokus og tonerne flyder dybt ind i de dybeste skjulesteder.

Gratis adgang, og alle er velkomne!


Kl. 16:00 – S.hel (IS) 

Sævar Helgi Jóhannsson, a.k.a. S.hel is a rythmically and classically trained pianist, S.hel weaves together ambient soundscapes with influences from the thriving scene of neo-classical and electronic music.

Kl. 16:45 – Mikael Lind (SE)

Mikael Lind is a Swedish composer currently residing in Iceland. He has a master’s degree in digital music making and is a teacher of electronic music. He has also released many albums were he often explores the area between music and classical music. Sometime around new year’s, he will release a new album with Hoshiko Yamane, composer and violinist of the cult band Tangerine Dream.

Kl. 17:30- Gabríel Ólafs (IS)

The young pianist Gabríel Ólafs possesses an exceptional talent for telling a stirring symphonic story through instrumental music. His debut work, Absent Minded, expresses lost-in-thought moments, the daydreams, the imaginary worlds we create in our quietest hours.

Kl. 18:15 – Bláskjár (IS)

Bláskjár is a solo act by musician Dísa Hreiðarsdóttir. Bláskjár plays is a mix of neo-classical and electronic folk music, with a focus on telling stories and interpreting emotions.