Airwaves off-Venue: Børnenes Airwaves


Nordens Hus byder familier indenfor til Iceland Airwaves Off-Venue, lørdag den 10. november fra 11-16.

Allir velkomnir og þátttaka er ókeypis.

Kl. 11:30 – 12:30 – Singing hour with Hafdís Huld og Alisdair Wright

Hafdís Huld og Alisdair Wright will lead a singing hour for children and families with songs from their albums Vögguvísur and Barnavísur. The albums have gained tremendous popularity since the beginning and have on Spotify reached well over 11 million. The program includes classic children’s songs, all of which are familiar with sweet, unfinished exposures. Ideal for younger children and parents to come and have a nice time together and sing along!

Kl. 12:00-13:30 African Drums 

Cheick is going to play and teach us how to work the African drums. Take the opportunity to let go of your inner inhibitions and learn to hit the drums. We promise a unique and enjoyable experience!

Kl. 13:00-14:00 Concert with Snorri Helgason 

Snorri Helgason plays new music from his new children’s album that just around the corner, come and listen to what’s to come from Snorri.

Kl. 14:-15:00 Family Disco with Sigrún Skafta 

Dj Sigrún Skafta will spin at the Family Disco. Costumes welcome. Glitter, neon, extravaganza. – Are Your clubbing days over? Can´t find a babysitter? Bring your kids along and show ‘em how it´s done. A mega dance party for the entire family.

Sigrún Skafta has been dj´ing since 2011, not always for children, but since she herself became a mother, the family gigs have increased and she puts a lot of effort into making the whole family dance together and have fun. The children are welcome to participate in the event by naming their favorite songs, but first and foremost, the most important thing is to dance and have fun together. Don’t be shy, let go of the bridle and dance with the kids.