Lets meet at the Nordic House!

The Nordic House offers a lovely setting for your meeting. Our facilities can host moviescreenings, concerts, conferences and group meetings. We value personal service and will try to meet all our customers needs.
Please contact the reception for inquires Tel: 5517030 ore via mail: info@nordichouse.is

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Please contact AALTO Bistro if food service is needed tel. 55 10 200 email: aalto@bordstofan.is
Further information: www.aalto.is

Audtiorium (90 - 95 persons)

A grand auditorium that seats 90 persons.
Suitable for either concerts, conferences, meetings, screenings and receptions and dinners. The room is equipped with projectors for powerpoint and film screenings, basic microphones for up to 5 people, moving lights and a sound system for screenings and talks.


We can provide live streaming of events for an extra fee of 40.000 included 3 hours (minimum) and there after ISK 10.000 an hour.

You can see our livestream events here.

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Meeting rooms

We have two meeting rooms with great views and lots of daylight.

Alvar Aalto room, seats 14-16 people and is equipped with a 65‘ flatscreen TV.

Aino Aalto room, seats 8 – 10 people and is equipped with a 65‘ flatscreen TV.
Both meeting rooms are furnished with AALTO’s design.


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Nordic House lower floor

The Black Box
The Black Box is used as a flexible space for a great variety of events: talks, large meetings, film-screenings, workshops, theatre and concerts. It is equipped with a stage, lighting & sound system and live streaming capabilities.
It is also used for exhibitions and is part of the larger exhibitons durring day time.

We produce and co-produce exhibitions, and occationally take in exhibitions for shorter periods of time.
The main exhibition room is in the lower floor of the house in direct connection with The Black Box.

In the foyer, we have various exhibitions in duration of three to six weeks. Nordic and baltic artists in all genres are welcome to ask for an exhibition of their art.  Apply


Price list

The Black Box: (80 seats + 40 standing)

Weekdays, between 17:00-20:00 ISK 20.000
Weekdays, between 20:00-23:00 ISK 30.000
Weekdays, between 17:00–23:00 ISK 50.000

Weekend, between 17:00-20:00 ISK 25.000
Weekend, between 20:00-23:00 ISK 40.000
Weekend, between 17:00-23.00 ISK 65:000

Depending on the exhibitions, we do from time to time also use the black box for events durring the day. Please contact the reception for inquires Tel: 5517030 ore via mail: info@nordichouse.is



We can provide live streaming of events for an extra fee of ISK 10.000 an hour. (Min. 3 hours). The Nordic House livestream



Meeting rooms

Charged by the hour, 5000 ISK/hour. For evening arrangements please contact the reception.


Auditiorium (90 -95 persons)

Weekdays, half day, (1-4 hours) between 08:00-18:00 ISK. 40.000
Weekdays, whole day, (up to 8 hours) between 08:00-18:00 ISK 60.000

Weekend, half day (1-4 hours) between 12:00-17:00 ISK 50.000
Weekend, whole day (up to 8 hours) between 08:00-17:00 ISK 80.000

Regarding evening arrangements please contact the reception, tel. 5517030.


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