The Perfect Selfie (FIN)


The Perfect Selfie (FIN)

Scheduled: Sunday, March 12th, 17:00

The Perfect Selfie is a modern coming of age story in the social media era starring the finnish Instagram-star Olivia Oras

The Perfect Selfie follows Olivia’s life for one year, showing the moments that she does not share online. There are bad days, and sometimes the going gets too tough. There are also many happy events that do not end up being posted on her account.

This documentary is a reminder of the fact that we often show only a small fraction of ourselves in social media, only selecting the best moments to publish. Olivia has 20 000 followers, but who really knows her?

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PROGRAM  Nordic Film Festival 2017


Premiere: 2017

Director: Maryam Razavi and Jenni Salonen

Genre: Documentary

Playtime: 1h 7 min.

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