Wednesday evenings -Culture package

Wednesday evenings at the Nordic House – culture and food!

We are very proud to announce Wednesday evenings at The Nordic House, which is a new and refreshing addition to the city’s cultural life in the middle of the week. This summer at the Nordic House, you can experience many wonderful aspects of Nordic culture.  Every Wednesday you can enjoy a guided tour starting at 6 PM and an introduction to the summer exhibition, 2 course dinner at AALTO Bistro and a concert at the Nordic House concert series for only 7800 ISK  (actual price 9.600).

Guided tour 
Don’t miss the opportunity to have a guided tour around the Nordic House – an iconic building by the famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. The house itself is a piece of art, and every corner contains traces of Aalto: From chairs and tables to lamps. Learn about the history of the house, the purpose of Nordic collaboration and Nordic culture.  You might even get an insight into some of the world-famous writers, artists and politicians who have visited the Nordic House during the last 49 years.

Nordic House Concert Series 
Every Wednesday you can experience the best of Icelandic jazz and folk music, with some Latin and Balkan influences, as well as one guest from Sweden. It will be evenings of great music and excellent musicians, sharing moods ranging from the melancholic and gentle to the passionate and up-beat.

Dinner in AALTO Bistro
Have a seat in AALTO bistro, enjoy amazing food and one of the best views of Reykjavik and the nature reserve in Vatnsmýrin. Food at AALTO Bistro draws on fresh, local, healthy ingredients – in Nordic style. Naturally, the fruits of the sea feature prominently, although meat and vegan options are also on offer.

A delicious two-course dinner
Main course: Plaice and lobster with lemon-herb paste, sautéed vegetables and squash-beetroot mousse.
Dessert: Warm chocolate cake with chili, ginger and lemon pie with meringue topping.

Exhibition – THE CITY BEING
We are proud to present THE CITY BEING, this year’s main exhibition at the Nordic House. THE CITY BEING explores various aspects of our modern cities, with contemporary Reykjavik as the main point of reference. A selection of works by contemporary artists and designers, are put in dialogue with retrospective elements, tracing the imagining and making of the city across time. Price: 1000 ISK

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