Heroine WOD – Exhibition

Heroine WOD- at the Nordic House foyer by Victoria Cleverby.

Welcome to the opening of HEROINE WOD in the Nordic House’s foyer 11.2. 2017 at 11 am.
The Nordic house welcomes you with light refreshments. Victoria Cleverby introduces her pieces.


How do we talk about women that are soldiers, and how are they remembered?

Heroine WOD borrows its name from the workouts that within the sport of CrossFit is known as Hero WOD’s, workouts dedicated to soldiers that has passed in battle. In this project five female soldiers have been honoured with WOD’s, workouts to be carried out in their honour, to secure that they are remembered.

Hero WOD on the internet

In a sport like CrossFit where women are taught that they are as capable as their male colleagues, what is happening to the relationship between the sexes? This also leads us back to the effects given when women chose the profession of a soldier. If society realises that women are no longer is in need of protection, that they themselves may be the protectors, then are the old gender roles going to be transformed?

I’m very excited about this project since I see it as a way  to explore the expanded boarders of design, this work is not only is about designing the experience of the workout, but in the long run also the human body. Because isn’t the way we shape our bodies in the gym, just another way of dressing ourselves?

The way we view and shape our bodies is one of our biggest concerns today. And in relation to that I think it is interesting to explore how CrossFit could be connected to a feministic revolution currently changing the view upon women and their bodies. Today we can see a massive increase in people’s interest in fitness and physical exercise, and through this a new ideal for women are created through mottos like “strong is the new sexy”.


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