Arabian Food Fest

Arabian food night will be held at The Nordic House June 16th at 6 PM.

Join us for a tasting menu of delicious Arabic food and entertaining company of people from the Arabic region and the chef Sveinn Kjartanson from Iceland.

Entrance is free, everybody is welcome!

We would like to draw your attention to a few important points :
– this is a free event and food will be prepared by volunteers.
– we will be able to accommodate around 100 people in the house, the place is thus limited, on a first come, first served basis.
– this is a tasting event, we will serve small portions so that as many people as possible have a chance to try the dishes.

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Arab cuisine (Arabicمطبخ عربي‎) is the cuisine of the Arabs, defined as the various regional cuisines spanning the Arab world, from the Maghreb to the Fertile Crescent and the Arabian PeninsulaThe cuisines are often centuries old and reflect the culture of great trading in spices, herbs, and foods. The three main regions, also known as the Maghreb, the Fertile Crescent, and the Arabian Peninsula have many similarities, but also many unique traditions. These kitchens have been influenced by the climate, cultivating possibilities, as well as trading possibilities. The kitchens of the Maghreb and Levant are relatively young kitchens that were developed over the past centuries. The kitchen from the Khaleej region is a very old kitchen. The kitchens can be divided into the urban and rural kitchens.

إنضم الينا و تذوق بعض الأطباق اللذيذة و المتنوعة من المطبخ العربي!!
سوف يتم تحضير الطعام من قبل متطوعين من دول عربية!
و سوف يتم استضافة هذه الأمسية من قبل ألطباخ Sveinn Kjartansson

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Reykjavik Arts Festival worked closely with the Red Cross and The Nordic House for a programme of context :

Anssi Pulkkinen Artist Talk: 5 June at 5 PM at the Nordic House
Musical Journeys: 5 June at 9 PM in Festival Hub
Pillow Talk performances: 7 June 5-8 PM / 8 June 10 AM-8 PM / 9 June 10 AM-6 PM at the Nordic House
Story Circle: 10 June at 2 PM in Nordic House
The Right to Home Seminar: 12 June at 5 PM in Festival Hub
Arabic Foodfest: 16 June at 6 PM in Nordic House
Arabian Night: 16 June at 9 PM in Festival Hub