ANERSAAQ – Outdoor media installation


– spirit of place –

Artist talk 13. september at 8pm

Artist talk with Karen Thastum from the group TURA YA  MOYA and initiator of the traveling containerproject. Karen will present parts of her film SERMERSAAQ SAGA telling about „spirit of place“ TINIT in East Greenland. The talk is in English.
More information:

The installation
ANERSAAQ is a 20 feet Art container, travelling around Scandinavia and Greenland. The installation is a outdoor media installation, inspired by  “The Spirit of Place” – and our Nordic, Greenlandic roots & history. This is the last stop in Iceland before heading to Greenland. The installation will be projected unto the house from 13-14 of September (outdoor) from  8:30pm- midnight. Free!

Workshop for Children
Workshop for children (8-14 years old) 13.september at 5pm (Childrens Library) where children and youth are invited to make drawings about their hometown and to paint their own slide! They will be part of the outdoor installation on the 14th September. The workshop is free and everyone can participate. Language: Icelandic, English, Danish.

A 20 foot container as Art-Laboratory
The initiator of this extraordinary Art-project is the Danish/German/ Greenlandic Art Group “Tura Ya Moya”, who specialised in site specific installations partly run on oldschool analogue slide projectors. With the support from Nordic Culturepoint, NAPA Greenland, Eimskip and others they redesigned a prototype 20 foot standard cargo container into a small Art- and projection-laboratory.

Spirit of northern places
The project is visiting 12 settlements and towns in Scandinavia and Greenland. Divided into 12 chapters Chapter 1-2 took place in Norway north of the Polar circle and chapter 3-4 took place in with the museums in Árnessýsla as partners, now Nordic House will be the last chapter in Iceland before heading onto Greenland and later to culture capital Aarhus 2017 and in 2018 Berlin.

Other works to be seen in the installation:
VISUAL ART: Jeanette Land Schou (DK), Maria Gradin (S), Harald Bodøgaard (N), Anders Sunna (S) and Julia Pars (GL). Young people from Bodø, Finnsnes in Norway and Greenland

MUSIC: Silbat Kuitse (GL)


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